Redefining Soft

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Merging workshops, panel discussions, and healing work, REDEFINING SOFT is a movement intended to deconstruct how members of the LGBTQ+ community show up in partnerships, and to address the importance of emotionally supporting Masculine of Center and Masculine Presenting lesbian partners, as well as challenging the community's perception of the word "soft." Specifically how the word is used as a weapon against masculine presenting lesbian women and trans men, Trans Masculine, and Gender Non Conforming individuals.


Since its inaugural event in November 2018, Redefining Soft has produced:

6 events

In 2 continents (U.S. &  Europe)

In 3 cities (New York, DC, Paris)

Has impacted close to 150 lives 

Redefining Soft was also added to the list of SAY IT LOUD events approved by DC BLACK PRIDE 2020!