This is Robin

"I teach people how to organize and monetize their creativity and skills."


Robin "Robbie" Williams is a passionate entrepreneur, business coach, group facilitator, licensed real estate agent, and the owner of the accessories company Bowtie Behavior which has outfitted customers across the globe from Canada to Australia. Born to Jamaican parents in Harlem, NY, and raised in the Bronx, NY, Robin's mission is to teach people how to monetize their creativity and skills so that they can do what they love while achieving financial freedom.

Providing business coaching through courses and one-on-one services, Robin guides and empowers current and aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their dreams and hobbies into an income-generating business. 

Robin's love for building community and legacy has evolved her list of passions. These passions are reflected in her work through the healing movement Redefining Soft—which is a movement intended to deconstruct the LGBTQ+ community's perception of the word "soft" and how it is used as a weapon against masculine-presenting lesbian women and trans men. Since 2018, Redefining Soft has impacted over 150 lives on two continents.